The Right Bag For Every Hike

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The landscapes, fresh air, and soothing sounds on a hike can do wonders for us simply by taking the time to soak them in, whether it is on the way to a new epic location, or just a stroll through your familiar neighborhood trails.

Depending on the type of adventure you are planning, the gear you bring can make all the difference. Choosing the right backpack for your hike can set you up for success, and make sure that you maximize the experience.


Mike Backpack

Maybe the most useful backpack in any hiker’s gear chest is the all-around, go-to, every day, grab and go bag. A simple, versatile, and durable day pack can take all the guess work out of planning for a trip. Hiking around your favorite local trails? Grab it and go. Checking out a new peak you have heard about? Grab it and go.

The Mike Backpack is the perfect bag for situations where you need options. It is big enough to fit the gear you’ll need for a daytrip, has exterior pockets for quick access to maps, and snacks, and breathable straps and back support to keep you cool on your way to the summit.


Theus Laptop Computer Backpack

Digital camera, laptop, power banks, tripod, selfie stick, ring light, or drone—sometimes you want some technology on your hike. Epic sunset shots over lush jungle valleys don’t just take themselves, and you need a way to get your gear safely, and comfortably to your shoot location.

With ample room for a laptop, camera, lenses, you name it—the Theus Laptop Backpack has you covered. You can safely stash all your technological needs into this comfortable, padded backpack, and mesh side pockets offer easy hydration as you log the miles.


B&B Foldable Lightweight Hiking Backpack

We’ve all been there before. You’re packing for a vacation, stuffing your duffle or suitcase to the max and anxiously weighing your carry-on. There’s just one problem. You want to squeeze in some hikes on your travel, but don’t want to bring along a bulky, clunky hiking backpack.

The B&B Foldable Lightweight Hiking Backpack is the answer to your dilemma. It folds down to squirrel away in your luggage while flying and expands to an impressively versatile day pack on arrival. The best part is the water resistant and ripstop material will keep your gear safe wherever you end up.


FYC Water Resistant Backpack

Troubling clouds in the sky? Gentle mist falling, but you want to get out on a hike anyway? Sometimes the best hikes are the ones with a bit of fog, bit of rain, and the trails to yourself.

Keep your gear safe, dry, and protected with the FYC Water Resistant Backpack. Made from 100% polyester, this water-resistant backpack will keep the moisture at bay, and with padded straps, keep you comfortable on your next rainy hike. Don’t let the weather dictate your adventure.

Using a bit of planning and exploring the wide range of backpacks offered by Xcessory, you can tailor your gear to fit the hike you want. Good luck and get out there.

-By Agust Calabro

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